About the company

We believe that the little ones have the greatest potential

AME Group is a small company from southern Poland. Living in the vicinity of mountains – the  breathtaking Silesian Beskids – keeps reminding us that achieving your goal is a bumpy path, yet...

… the prize at the top is worth it.
Our business path is inspired by child’s nature. The youngest ones have unlimited creativity, they are always curious, they are courageous to create extraordinary things and they have the strength to make their dreams come true. These are the values that put our everyday work into motion and we do everything for our products to reflect it.

Bearing family in mind

We are a family  company – not only because we are relatives by blood or affinity, but also because we want our offers to reach every home.


By creating universal toys.
We do not prepare sets dedicated to girls or boys only. Our products have no age limits (but the smallest blocks for children over 3). We ensure great fun playing with the toys both for a few-year-olds and the elderly, who want to spend quality time with the grandchildren.
By creating timeless toys.
We don’t follow the fad to create toys that are edgy now. Our products are always in! Universal colour and timeless design make it fun for the present generation, their siblings and later... who knows? Maybe our children’s children? One thing is certain – their form will be attractive even for our grandchildren.
By creating durable toys.
We handle the production process from scratch. We are aware of the strict requirements as regards products for children, that’s why we use top quality materials. This is the guarantee of safety for the youngest ones and durability of the toys for a very long time.

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