The art of folding that every child will love

The art of folding that every child will love

Modular origami is a Japanese art of paper folding. The magic is creating incredible structures by connecting simple modules. Each module is folded so that it can be connected to the next one – using pockets and flaps only (no glue or tape).

Modules assembly requires precision, patience and dexterity. You can experiment with different shapes. It also has some therapeutic qualities. Focusing on a complicated design helps reduce stress and elevates your mood.

Fascinated with the Japanese traditional art, we have decided to create blocks to introduce the youngest ones into an inspiring world of origami.

Elements are the same, yet possibilities are unlimited

And so the Gami set originated – colourful blocks made from soft and flexible material.

What makes it so special?

Similarity to origami modules. Each element is composed of two triangular pockets that can be assembled or disassembled depending on what structures you want to create. You can assemble the blocks by inserting the top of one pocket or the top of both the pockets inside another element’s pocket.

What structures can be built with Gami?

Whatever there is in the little constructor’s head! They can assemble both simple structures and complex pieces of art. Gami are ideal to construct a flying dragon, colourful butterfly or a star.

Not only does modular construction bring loads of joy, but it also supports the versatile child development. It stirs imagination, perfects eye-hand coordination, teaches logical thinking and introduces the child into the fascinating world of arithmetics and geometry!


Experience the magic of traditional art again

Help your child transform every day into a creative adventure! Our offer includes Gami sets for the little ones who are just embarking on the exciting journey of getting to know construction blocks, a bit older folding fans and really huge sets that guarantee a lot of fun for the whole family!

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