Visit the colourful world of Meli educational blocks.

Discover a small construction engineer in your child.

Child’s creativity is limitless, so we have made building blocks that provide unlimited possibilities! A dog, a truck, a space platform or a multi-colour mosaic? Meli blocks will help you build anything there is inside a child’s brain!
The elements are made from soft, flexible material, safe for the small hands and looking like jigsaw puzzles. They were designed to combine into any structures – special keys and locks that make it possible to build flat and spacious structures! You can create shapes shown in the leaflet, or create your own.
Each structure is easy to disassemble at the end, since the blocks have no clicks, hooks, or other elements difficult to separate. Both the activities – assembly and disassembly – are great fun for the swift and little fingers! 

Why are blocks our lead product?

Not only do they provide the children with a nice way to spend time (building on their own or with others), but also they teach counting and colours, they perfect motor skills, and above all they develop creativity and imagination!
We know how important it is to support the harmonious growth of children. We believe in the educational power of playing, which opens doors to many opportunities for the youngest ones if supported by out-of-the-box toys. Educational mission of the series of blocks means developing intelligence, spatial orientation, construction skills and manual skills. 
Meli blocks have won the main award in “Child-friendly World” competition prepared by the Committee of Children’s Rights Protection (Komitet Ochrony Praw Dziecka).

Colourful world of educational blocks


Get to know our rich offer of sets for every occasion. Maxi blocks for kids over 1, Meli Minis for pre-schoolers, or Meli Emoti to support learning and naming emotions – welcome to the colourful Meli world and solutions proper for the age and interests of your child!

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