Check out what makes children so fascinated about Mublo.

Can you get bored with blocks?

With Mublo it’s impossible.
Intriguing strips to immediately create a spider, robot, tree, tank, or the Eiffel tower, have unlimited ways of materialising any childhood fantasies! And believe us that ides for the next structures come very fast – one by one!
Flat strips with rounded edges, equipped with locks on the one side and holes on the other are easy to combine and disassemble. The most surprising fact is that they are bendable in half! This means you can create structures and shapes without any limits!
What distinguishes them is the colour. It’s amazing, yet despite the same shape, the game never gets boring  –it is extremely engaging. Unconventional blocks is a guarantee of long hours of play. Not only the youngest ones learn that – also older kids and the oldest ones as well! When you run out of ideas – check out the included booklet with ideas.

Learning the letters with Mublo is fun!

These incredible blocks are great for the curious pupils, who enter the fascinating world of the alphabet and numbers. You can use the strips to create single letter, but also whole words, or calculations. It is a known fact that kids learn the fastest (and most willing) while playing. We are sure that if Mublo is an educational help for teacher at kindergarten or school, the youngest generation will have a successful education.

Let the child dig into the world of their imagination and dreams

Be surprised what can be created with those little (and swift) fingers. A helicopter? A boat? A windmill? Learn more about our sets of 50 to 400 elements, which you and your child will fall in love with!
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