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Processing plastics – from idea to hundreds of copies

Toys, marketing gadgets, household appliances, electronic equipment –  plastic can be used to create almost everything you need in your business!
We offer a full range of  processing services.
We will create a design of an injection mould for you. We will produce any number of the final product – you can order one or hundreds of them. We will create full documentation and accept any logistics tasks related to packing, labelling and transport organisation. 

Our approach is comprehensive

You do not need to be a professional designer or programmer and present a thorough technical drawing (or virtual model) of your idea!
We will handle the prototype, 3D modelling and photorealistic visualisation of a still nonexistent product. All that to provide you with professional support to prepare and create the design as well as to advise and help modify the existing ones.
What is more: owing to the rich experience and many years of using own products – those intermediate in the production process (injection moulds) and the end products (made of plastics) – we are able to optimise the costs of the final product at the first stage of design!
We have modern production equipment to help us make orders for single products and long production series. Our raw material is the original, high-quality granulated product, which guarantees solid and well-shaped final products.


Create together with Plasti!

We specialise in manufacturing toys for children, we also produce products for the food industry. Both the industries require top quality raw material and have to meet the strict OHS standards. Entrusting us with manufacturing the plastic product, you may be certain that the result will meet your expectations.

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