Meet us


The leader and brains of all the operations. He has endless numbers of ideas to develop and perfect our products and services. He keeps repeating that he still has an inner child inside, that’s why he is the first one to test the toys.
As a businessman he doesn’t know what free time means, but he will always find a minute to root for the Polish football team.
Privately – Marcin’s wife, professionally the mother of the whole team. She takes care of the paperwork, and she is  the best at office tasks. She will find a way out of every situation – there is no problem she can’t solve!
This may be the case because of the Scandinavian crime stories that she reads to relax. 
Always at your disposal. Our products are no secret for him, he has tested them himself and with all the kids in the family. His life mission is to spread the news about our out-of-the-box toys.
He loves cooking (which the whole team enjoys), and the result is quite tasty.
A trader by vocation. He loves contact with people and is not afraid of challenges. He will answer any questions about our products and services, and he could talk about Melti, Belti and Mublo series for hours. We assure you that running business with him is pure pleasure!
You can talk privately with him about any topics, should they involve .... music!
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